During April and June CAE Validus conducted the training on Person-Centered Planning – Creating a Better Future for People with Intellectual Disabilities. The training was organized for the professional staff of the Centre for Rehabilitation Zagreb and the Centre for Rehabilitation Stančić within the project to support the transformation of these two institutions into community based service providers.

The two four-day training modules, were led by Patti Scott and David Hasbury – experts from the US based organization Neighbours. Inc. which focuses on empowering people to increase control and choice in their lives, regardless of the extent and nature of their disability. In a pleasant working atmosphere participants were introduced to the person-centered approach and relationship-building, gained both process and graphic facilitation skills to implement person-centered planning using the MAP and PATH planning tools. Participants exchanged experiences and concerns in their work and had an opportunity to practice their facilitation skills during the five workshops led by Slavenka Martinović and Bojana Rozman, associate trainers from the Association for Promoting Inclusion.




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