On 19th January 2015, COO Validus began the formal training program for Personal assistant to persons with intellectual disabilities. The employees of the Center for Rehabilitation Ozalj, the Centre for Inclusion and Social Services Bjelovar and the Association for Promoting Inclusion participate in this training program until the end of March. The aim of this training program is to gain new knowledge and skills and strengthen the capacity of workers in supporting people with intellectual disabilities to live in the community.

In the upcoming weeks there will be a lot of topics on contemporary approaches of inclusion and equality, person-centered approach, the organization of organized housing services, active support, supported employment, building and expanding circles of support, the importance of establishing relationships and connections, involvement in the community life, communication, and other topics.

The program consists of 237 hours and will include theory and hands-on training. The official certificate will be given upon the completion of this training program and the final exam. The topics will be covered by CAE Validus assciates and colleagues with extensive practical experience in working with persons with intellectual disabilities in organized housing service.


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