Disability awareness training of police employees
Project start:
December 2016
Project end:
November 2018
People with intellectual and psychosocial disabilities are more present in the community and their participation is more visible due to the process of deinstitutionalization and transformation of social welfare institutions and moving the people from institutions into the community. We have noticed that public service employees do not have specific knowledge and skills and are not prepared for their new fellow citizens in the community. In addition, the way they communicate with them is very often inappropriate.
Project goal: to raise an awareness of active and future policemen and police officers for increasing presence and participation of people with intellectual and psychosocial disabilities as equal citizens in the community in order to develop their communication skills in everyday interaction.
Project acitvities:
to carry out the informative workshops for Josip Jović Police School attendents
to carry out the informative workshops for police employees
to carry out the informative workshops for Police Academy students
to create the leaflet “Communication with persons with disabilities” with focus on invisible disability
to document the education and to record a short educational films
to develop the educational materials
Nositelj: Centar za obrazovanje odraslih Validus
Partner: Policijska akademija
Snimanje video materijala: Gral Film