Better education for 
a better world!
Developing professional capacity 
to provide quality support to people 
with disabilities in the community!
CAE Validus provides certified and professional development trainings. Our programs are tailor-made to the needs of organizations or staff who work with people with intellectual disabilities (PID), as well as with people with disabilities in general.
CAE Validus offers organized study visits to community-based support services and programs in Croatia. These field trips enable participants to see how people with disabilities are supported in the community. Our study visits are custom-designed programs for organizations.
In the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities it is clear that persons with disabilities have equal rights as other members of society, but society does not recognize members with disabilities as equal. Therefore, we carry out activities on public awareness of the rights of persons with disabilities and the need to accept diversity as the strenght of the society.
Inclusion is a right, not a privilege.
Mission and vision
To enable people with disabilities to lead full, active lives in the community by fostering excellence in their personal assistants and support workers. The knowledge society that promotes the values and rights of people with disabilities and positively contributes to their quality of life in the community.
What People Say
I have learned a lot of things, a lot of things that may be applicable in my daily life, there was a lot of interaction, comments, exercises that led to a very positive and stimulating atmosphere; I have met a lot of good people in a short period of time.
participant from Zagreb
The atmosphere is great, the training ‘connected’ us in some way as assistants, gave us the opportunity to exchange experiences, all in all it was very helpful!
participant from Ozalj
Very interesting lectures, especially the examples from experiences; I feel more competent, and I see that others are facing similar problems we face in my community.
participant from Karlovac
Some topics were particularly useful (active support, challenging behavior and crisis management). I believe it will be really uselful in my future work.
participant from Grbavac
A different approach to people with intellectual disabilities; the realization that many of then can do a lot on their own; the rights and obligations of persons in the community, which encourage and stimulate their knowledge, skills and talents.
participant from Osijek

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