CAE Validus organized a second module of professional training on “Person-Centred Planning – Creating a Better Future for People with Intellectual Disabilities” on the February 16th to 19th, 2016. The training was held by Patti Scott and Dave Hasbury, internationally recognized experts from Neighbours International, USA and Bojana Rozman, Ph.D., a consultant CAE Validus with many years of experience in the field of inclusion, person-centered planning, service development and operation as well as service quality improvement.

In this four-day module participants practiced person-centered planning using a planning tool PATH. This tool provides precise planning of steps in order to accomplish positive and feasible goals. These goals help a person how to acchieve his/her vision of the future.

Representatives from the Centre for Community Supported Service Provision Ozalj, Centre for Inclusive Work Activities, Centre for Community Supported Service Provision Osijek – „JA kao TI“, Centre for Inclusive Support Slavonski Brod, Association Latica, Centre for Inclusion and Social Services Bjelovar/Grubišno Polje and Association for Promoting Inclusion with its subsidiaries from Šibenik and Sisak participated in this training.



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