Fifth module of the “New Path to Inclusion Network” training

On March 25th and 26th, 2014, API together with Validus held the fifth training module on person-centered planning within the framework of the European project “New Path to Inclusion Network”. Representatives from NGOs, residential institutions, and several people with intellectual disabilities together with their assistants participated in the training.

The aim of this module was to introduce and understand the process of MAP (Making Action Plans) and PATH (Planning Alternative Tomorrow with Hope) – key tools in person-centered planning. Participants were introduced to the process of MAP in six steps, i.e., how to discover the way of finding out the skills, virtues and strengths of the focus person. They were also explained the process of PATH in eight steps reflecting the most desirable future the focus person seeks to achieve and setting potential goals for achieving that future.

The participants were then divided into two groups to practice and understand the facilitation of the process of making a MAP and PATH. The selection of process facilitator, graphic facilitator and focus person is of crucial importance. A focus person needs to be willing to share details from his or her personal life and a vision of the future with a particular group of people using these two tools and try to set goals for their own vision of the future life they desire. The participants had the opportunity to exchange views and thoughts on the subject and share interesting moments during the implementation of both processes. The training was led by Bojana Rozman, Ph.D. and psycologist Slavenka Martinovic.

This was the final module of the inclusive training for person-centered approaches within the European project “New Path to Inclusion Network”. We would like to thank all the participants for being a part of this training.

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