CAE Validus representatives atended the International Andragogical Symposium

On May 15 and 16, 2014 representatives of CAE Validus Sandra Nuždić – international cooperation coordinator, and Željka Ciler – project coordinator attended the International andragogical symposium in Biograd na Moru on the topic of „Professionalization of Adult Educators“. The symposium was organized by the Croatian Agency for vocational education and training and adult education. Experts in the field of education and adult learning from Germany, Slovenia, Austria, Serbia and Croatia participated in the symposium.

The first day of the symposium was reserved for topics concerning the professionalization of educators and trainers in adult education and the competencies professionals need to work with such a specific group of learners.

In the second day of the symposium, our representatives participated in workshops on “Access to Adult Education” facilitated by Dr Mary Pavkov, and on “Interactive Teaching in Adult Education” facilitated by Mr Branko Dijanošić.

The workshops were followed by a panel discussion on “How to professionalize adult educators?”. The aim of the panel discussion was to tackle the current situation of the Croatian adult education system which lacks several very important prerequisites: clearly defined provisions, rights of adult educators for continuous training and raising competences in working with adult participants.

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