Introductory workshop for the staff of the Centre for Rehabilitation Rijeka

At the end of June and August, CAE Validus carried out two two-day workshops for the staff of the Centre for Rehabilitation Rijeka on the topic of transition from institutional to the community-based care. The workshops were held within the project “Life in the community – preparing the Centre for Rehabilitation Rijeka for transition with the financial support of the Open Society Mental Health Initiative. The aim of the workshops was to familiarize the participants with the rights of people with intellectual disabilities to live in the community and provide information on the establishment of community-based supported housing service on their path of deinstutitionalization.

In a pleasant working atmosphere the participants actively shared their thoughts and experiences as well as showed interest for the development of new services in the community.  The workshops were facilitated by Slavenka Martinović, Dr. Bojana Rozman, Professor Borka Teodorović, Ivanka Čulo and Zehra Alikić Nukić.


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