Strategic Planning for the Center for Rehabilitation Zagreb

The Centre for Rehabilitation Zagreb used the opportunity of Mrs. Scott and Mr. Hasbury’s visit to Croatia for CAE Validus’ training on Person-centered planning to discuss the goals set at their strategic planning session in May 2014.

On Friday, September 19, 2014 Patti Scott and David Hasbury from the US-based organization Neighbours Inc. facilitated the process of strategic planning using the Learning Cycle tool at the Center’s branch “Sloboština”. The staff from the Center discussed the planned activities, what has been done since May, what still has not been accomplished, what they have learned from the process and what their next steps are. The result of the intense work in a pleasant and encouraging atmosphere was to set goals for the next several months which will help them reach the vision of the Centre already set in May.

The strategic Planning for the Center for Rehabilitation Zagreb was once again organized by CAE Validus within the project “Transformation and deinstitutionalization of Center for Rehabilitation Stančić and Center for Rehabilitation Zagreb”.


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