Introductory trainning in Sisak

This Fall, the Association for Promoting Inclusion (API) began with the establishment of organized housing service for people with intellectual disabilities (PWID) in Sisak. One of the important steps in this process is the selection of candidates and training of future support staff. In accordance with the above mentioned needs, and in collaboration with UPI, COO Validus organized an introductory training for the provision of supported housing service for PWID for a group of 20 participants. The training took place from 17th to 21st November 2014 with the aim of introducing future employees of Organized Housing Service Sisak to the philosophy of inclusion, the rights of PWID to live in the community, person-centered planning and active support, and other relevant topics related to the development of Organized Housing Service. As in all of our educational programs, trainers and educators were experts with extensive practical knowledge, employees and clients of API’s services, as well as external associates of CAE Validus. In this five-day training the participants actively contributed to the discussions, shared their opinions and concerns, and gained the necessary introductory knowledge and skills for their future work.


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