The closing of Čepin – a branch of Home for Mentally Ill Adults Osijek

The Home for Mentally Ill Adults Osijek marked the completion of the first phase of the process of deinstitutionalization and transformation by closing its branch in Čepin on 3rd December 2014, also the International Day of People with Disabilities. Since its opening, and in the last 30 years, a total of 498 people went through the institution in Čepin. “Now, when they have moved into apartments, they say that they have never lived better”, reports Ladislav Lamza, director of the Home.

In the above mentioned process COO Validus is one of the important stakeholders transfering new knowledge and skills to the staff of the Home helping them provide of the community-based housing service for persons with mental disabilities.

We would like to congratulate Mr. Ladislav Lamza and the rest of the staff on this big achievement and wish them a successful continuation of the development of new services in the community.

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