Training in Challenging behaviours of people with intellectual disabilities

During December 15-17, 2014, CAE Validus carried out a three-day training on “Gently teaching – challenging behaviors of people with intellectual disabilities“. The professional staff from the Centre for Rehabilitation Zagreb and the Centre for Rehabilitation Stančić attended the training.

The aim of this training was to strengthen the competence of the above mentioned professional staff in order to provide appropriate support to people with intellectual disabilities in organized housing. New models of approaching persons who manifest challenging behaviors were presented. In accordance with these new models, we look at challenging behaviors as: (1) a symptom of unmet need;  (2) a way of communicating with the environment;  (3) messages that tell us important things about the person and the quality of his / her life; (4) a consequence of a dysfunctional organization (service provider).

The participants discussed positive and negative experiences in dealing with challenging behaviors, processes and procedures that are applied in practice.

The training was carried out in the framework of the project “Transformation and deinstitutionalization of the Centre for Rehabilitation Zagreb and the Centre for Rehabilitation Stančić”. The training was led by our psychologist Mrs. Slavenka Martinovic.


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