Strategic Planing for the Centre for rehabilitation Ozalj

On April 11th 2015, CAE Validus, in cooperation with Patti Scott and Dave Hasbury from the organization Neighbours Inc. and Bojana Rozman, Ph.D., carried out the strategic planning for the staff in support and four persons who live in organized housing of the Centre for Rehabilitation Ozalj.

Strategic planning consisted of three parts. In the first part participants have reflected on first steps they have made in changing people’s lifes, the beginning of the planning and preparation of the Centre for the transformation process up to the implementation process that has been successfully implementing.

In the second part of planning the focus was on the vision of people who have came out of institutions and now live in the community. They tried to highlight everything that’s important for them to have a full and happy life with the help of support staff.

The vision and future plans of the Centre after the transformation process were discussed In the third part of the planning.


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