Training at the Police Academy in Zagreb

Employees of CAE Validus and the Association for Promoting Inclusion have started inicial training at the Police Academy in Zagreb that will last all week, until April 24th. It is a series of lectures and workshops in small groups with the ultimate aim to introduce future policemen, but also the teaching staff, with the program of community-based organized housing service introduced by the Association for Promoting Inclusion and our other activities. Who are persons with intellectual disabilities? Which problems can occur when communicating with them or during the police intervention and how to prevent any problems or misunderstandings in communication? How can a police officer serve as an example to other citizens in dealing with persons with intellectual disabilities? These are just some of the questions that we will try to answer together with participants through this one-week training.

Life in the community does not just mean physically moving to a new location, but also inclusion of persons in the local community. Police officers as public officials represent an important element and they too should adjust their means of communication and way of work to persons with intellectual disabilities. Persons with intellectual disabilities are citizens who have the rights, but also duties which are the same as those of all other citizens. It is crucially important to recognize them as equal members of our society, but also take into consideration that it is neccessary to sometimes adjust our way of work to them, because they don’t always have the ability to co-operate with police officials in a way that other people do. The Police Academy has recognized this problem and is hoping to encourage its participants to further think about this topic during this training, but also through further co-operation with CAE Validus and Association for Promoting Inclusion.


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