First workshop on Person Centred Planning

On April 20th and 21st 2015, COO Validus carried out the first of four workshops in the professional training on “Person Centred Planning – creating a better future for people with disabilities”.

The representatives of the Centre for Rehabilitation Zagreb, Centre for Rehabilitation Rijeka,  Home for Mentally Ill Adults Turnić, Centre for Inclusion and Support in the Community Pula, Centre for Inclusion and Social Services in Bjelovar, Association for Autism – Zagreb and the Association for Promoting Inclusion participated in the two-day workshop.

The first workshop was based on practicing the roles in facilitating the process of person-centred planning using MAP’s planning tool. How to collaborate better with each other, think on creative and positive way, how to be more focused on the person and what is important to him/her, these questions are just some of the questions which participants were facing during the exercises. Through the exchange of different roles in the process, the participants had the opportunity to experience planning from all perspectives in order to be able to apply gained knowledge in their future work. The workshop was led by Bojana Rozman Ph.D.


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