Training of professional team in EU project called „My step to independance“

On August 28th and 29th, 2015, representative of CAE Validus, Slavenka Martinović – director participated at the conference of the EU project called “My step to independence” in Čakovec. The project is implemented by the Association of Persons with Intellectual Disabilities of Međimurje County, Association of Persons with Intellectual Disabilities and their families “Maslačak” Križevci and Čakra – the Development Agency of City Čakovec. This project, funded by the European Social Fund, aims to contribute to the independence of 35 people with intellectual disabilities.

After the conference Slavenka Martinović held the informal training for newly established professional team (6 assistants, 1 coordinator and 2 professionals). The aim of training was to encourage the development of new skills and knowledge of professional team in establishing the Organized Housing Service for persons with intellectual disabilities.




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