Study visit from organization SOCIA

From 9th to 11th November 2015 CAE Validus organized a study visit for the representatives from  SOCIA – an organization from Slovakia in cooperation with the Association for Promoting Inclusion (API). CAE Validus and API have been working closely together in organizing study visits of organizations and service providers from Central and Eastern Europe for almost five years.

Slovakian organization SOCIA ( have been engaging in supporting of deinstitutionalisation and transformation of social services in Slovakia for many years. The workers from the Home Slatinka has also participated in this study visit. Their institution began the transformation in 2008 by moving persons from institutions into small group homes.

The aim of the study visit was to introduce the model of supported housing for persons with intellectual disabilities which API provides, in particular the way of providing quality support for people with multiple disabilities in order to apply aquired knowledge and experiences in their organization.

They have met persons with intellectual disabilities who live in the apartments in Zagreb, Pakrac and Lipik and their coordinators. At the end of the visit many questions were answered and experiences were exchanged at the meeting with the director CAE Validus – Slavenka Martinović and Tea Matovina from API as well as the foundations for continued cooperation were established.



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