Director of CAE Validus held training in Bucurest

During September 19-23, 2016, director of CAE Validus Slavenka Martinović, was successfully held the training for supported housing service provision for the employees of organization Pro ACT in Bucharest of which the largest number is the staff in direct support.

Pro ACT is a non-profit organization founded in April 2011 that is led by a team of professionals in human social sciences with experience in reforming social services system. Organization has a strong belief in the development potential of every human in a society where everyone is treated respectfully and equally. Their values are: trust, respect for the human being, belief in self-determination, social justice, empathy, and responsibility to the next generations.

Pro ACT offers social services and promotes professional practices in education and social fields. It is focused on deinstitutionalizing adults with disabilities, offering community based alternatives in order to contributes to the radical change of perception regarding persons with disabilities, putting them in context of normal living and giving them value through roles such as: inhabitant in a house and into a community, employer, contributor, neighbour, friend, buyer etc.

The aim of training was to share new specific knowledge and skills in the field of community based service provision for people with disabilities, with an emphasis on person-centred approach, active support, communication, challenging behaviors, sexuality and development of partnership in order to strengthen the staff to provide appropriate support to people with disabilities. Personal experiences, challenges and possible solutions were discussed in very motivating and active atmosphere in order to support staff be able to respond to the needs of people with disabilities.

During the 5-day training Slavenka had the opportunity to visit several flats where people with disabilities live and to familiarize with their way of living.


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