Third workshop on Person-Centered Planning

On March, 18th and 19th, 2017, CAE Validus held the third person-centered planning workshop. The representatives of Centre for Community-supported Service Provision Ozalj, Centre for Rehabilitation Pula, Centre for Rehabilitation Zagreb, Home Turnić, Centre for Social Welfare Brač and Association for Promoting Inclusion with its subsidiary Šibenik, Pakrac and Sisak participated at the workshop.

The third workshop was focused on practicing the roles in facilitating the process of person-centered planning using a planning tool PATH. Using this technique, the participants had the opportunity to experience the planning of concrete steps and actions that will enable the person to achieve their desired goals in order to achieve their ideal future. We also took a moment to reflect on MAPS presented on second workshop in order to hear news about their implementation. The workshop was led Ph.D. Bojana Rozman.

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