Certificate Presentation Ceremony Held for Participants in Andragogy Workshops as part of the ESF Project Promotion of Lifelong Learning Phase II

Uručavanje potvrde Elini Petričec

On September 27, 2021, the Agency for Vocational Education and Training organized a certificate presentation ceremony in the Business Incubator PISMO 2 in Novska. Ceremony was held for the participants in andragogy workshops held as part of the ESF project Promotion of Lifelong Learning Phase II.


On this occasion, the certificate was received by 50 andragogical staff who successfully completed the education aimed at strengthening the competencies of educational staff in adult education institutions. One of them was the acting director of COA Validus, Elina Petričec, mag.paed.soc.

Uručavanje potvrde Elini Petričec

Funding for these andragogical workshops, amounting to 500,000 kuna, was provided by the European Social Fund through the project Lifelong Learning Phase II.


More information on the ceremony, including an extensive photo gallery, is located on the web pages of the Lifelong Learning Week project here.

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