Centar for Education “Juraj Bonači” presented the project “Happy Together”

Juraj Bonači - Zajedno sretni naslovnica

Centre for Education Juraj Bonači presented the project “Happy Together” co-financed by the European Social Fund. Aims of the project is to prevent the institutionalization and support deinstitutionalization and transformation of institutions for people with disabilities.

In October 2020, the Center for Adult Education Validus held a training on Examples of Good Practice in Supported Housing for People with Intellectual Disabilities implementing Occupational activities and Capacity Building Housing Programs, attended by assistants and a service manager.

We are proud to see that COO Juraj Bonači continues to create new projects on that foundation and we are glad to hear about significant difference, not only in the lives of people living in supported housing, but also in their community. We also believe that the people you support will live quality lives in the community in accordance with all the rights that belongs to everyone, including people with disabilities.

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