Why Centre for adult education Validus?

Because The Centre for Adult Education Validus is the first (and still the only) educational provider that conducts unique education programs for strengthening the professional competencies of experts and organizations in providing and developing services in the community for people with disabilities in Croatia and the region.

The development of community-based services for people with disabilities has become an international obligation and strategic orientation of the Republic of Croatia. With the development of those services there was a growing need for skilled support staff. Therefore, our programs respond to the needs of the social welfare system in Croatia, in the process of transformation and deinstitutionalization and inclusion of people with disabilities in the community.

Our educators have significant experience in the social welfare sector and in community-based service provision. We cooperate with renowned educators from Croatia, Slovenia, the UK and the US in developing and implementing the educational programs.


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To enable people with disabilities to lead full, active lives in the community by fostering excellence in their personal assistants and support workers. We believe that educating support workers is key to achieving quality services for people with disabilities in the community.



The knowledge society that promotes the values and rights of people with disabilities and positively contributes to their quality of life in the community.

Frequently asked questions:

All our trainings can be organized in other countries upon request of organizations. Also, they can be tailor-made trainings which best meet your needs. However, upon completion of training we are not able to provide official certificate verified by The Ministry of Science and Education of the Republic of Croatia. Instead, we provide the certificate of attendance which proves acquired skills and competences.

Yes. You can send us a request with all details about the training you would like to participate in and we will organize it in English in our Centre.

Of course, the process of deinstitutionalization and transformation of institutions and the development of community-based services has led to the growing need for qualified staff – assistants and other professional staff. With the growing number of people with disabilities on the open labor market, there is also an increasing need of the assistants – job coaches.

Yes. We are looking for new partners and project ideas from other countries we would like to participate in and make a positive impact on life of people with disabilities in the community.

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