Elina Petričec, mag. paed. soc.

Master of Social Pedagogy, who during her studies already gained rich experience in working with children and young people having behavioral issues and their parents. During this time, she attended regular supervisory support groups for five years, which further strengthened and enriched her knowledge and experience. She regularly attends training and education programs, in order to grow her expertise and develop best ways to respond to the needs of the people she works with. She has many years of experience working with people with intellectual disabilities in organized housing, as a representative and head of the organizational unit Šibenik of the Association for the Promotion of Inclusion. Currently works as the Acting Director of COA Validus, where she’s also a lecturer aiming to transfer her practical experience and knowledge to the participants of certified and professional development trainings. Her goal is to enrich their knowledge and allow them to empower themselves in professional and private life. Her areas of interest are human resources, personally oriented approach, self-advocacy and self-determination, active support, communication, challenging behaviors, creative techniques, supervision in psychosocial work.
Elina Petričec
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