What is the difference between certified and professional development trainings?
All certified trainings are verified by the Croatian Ministry of Science and Education. Upon the completion of certified trainings, participants get an official certificate approved by the Ministry stating the acquired knowledge and skills.
Professional development trainings are tailor-made to the needs of organizations or staff who work with people with intellectual disabilities, as well as with people with disabilities in general. Certificate of attendance is received upon the completion of professional development trainings.
To whom are the training programs intended?
All our provided programs are aimed to focus on acquiring new knowledge and skills that enable the strenghtening the professional competences of professionals and organizations in Croatia and the region in order to provide and develop community-based services for people with disabilities.
  • Our programs are available to employees of social welfare institutions as well as to all people who want to upgrade existing and / or acquire new knowledge and skills in the area of inclusive social services.
  • Programs are also available for parents and family members in order to strengthen their capacity to provide support.
  • We also co-operate with the Croatian Employment Service and educate unemployed people in order to increase their competitiveness in the labor market.
Where can trainings be conducted?
Trainings are conducted in Zagreb at the Center for Adult Education Validus. We also conduct educational programs across Croatia and Europe if needed. So far we organized educational programs in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Georgia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania and Serbia.

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